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Chapter 3
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Munkustrap was out and about while Demeter was still sleeping. Demeter woke up, she felt someone was watching her. Her eyelids started to droop as Macavity snuck up behind her.

"Momma!" he yelled.

Demeter bolted up and gasped, "What?" The kitten flung himself backwards in surprise, and started to cry. "Sorry Macavity...sorry."

Macavity stopped crying and wiped his eyes. " W-where's daddy?"

Demeter laid back down. Being half asleep she forgot who Macavity's daddy was. "Uh, daddy? Oh, right, Munku. He's around here somewhere." The golden queen went back to sleep. Soon, she felt soft fur against her legs. She drew her feet up to her.

Macavity was confused. Why was his "momma" was trying to get away from him? He scooted in close to her, until she couldn't do anything about it. She winced to be laying next to Macavity, but was too tired to worry about that.

A while later Demeter woke to a familiar purr, she opened her eyes. "Munku?" She looked over to a napping kitten, and rolled her eyes. "Macavity." She jumped out of the door and stretched in the sun.

From the car seat she heard, "Momma?" It took her a moment to realize she was momma, "What?"

"I'm hungry." Demeter looked, up expecting to see Macavity above her, but he wasn't there. She stood up still looking at the car.

"Momma?" came a voice from her feet. Demeter jumped a little.

"Macavity, you gotta stop sneaking up on like that." Demeter nodded at the red kitten. She started walking, "Come on." Macavity stumbled up behind her grabbing her tail and swinging it. Demeter turned her head fast but didn't want to scare him again, so allowed him to play with her tail. The two approached Bombalurina's den. "Bomba, you home?" Demeter shouted with her hands cupped around her mouth.

Bombalurina walked out rather seductively, "Hey, dem."

Demeter nodded and smiled. "Bomba, this is ... Macavity. Macavity, this is Bombalurina."

The crimson queen smiled hesitantly, "Uh, hi, Macavity."

The kitten stepped out from behind Demeter and tugged on her hand so she would get lower. She crouched down as he whispered into her ear. She stood up grinning. "He thinks you're a pretty queen."

Bomba blushed, though it was hard to tell through her red fur. She knelt down to the ginger kit, "Macavity, you always were a charmer." Macavity tilted his head, confused, knowing nothing of his past life. Demeter laughed at Bomba, who was almost flaunting herself for a kitten.

"Anyway, Bomba, we need to get some food. I don't mean to beg but..." She stopped as Bombalurina raised her hand.

"Sure, come in, Dem. Mac." As she said his name he smiled at her. Bombalurina got them some food and took them outside again.

"Thanks, Bomba. I will be back later." Macavity looked up at Demeter as they walked away.

"Can I come too?" Demeter shook her head ?no', and his cheerful stance slouched. "Next time?" he asked enthusiastically. He didn't get an answer but still was happy.