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My favorite Jellicle, my glamorous little glamour, my adorable kitten...*drum roll*
Ms. Cleopatra Zandona!
Cleo for short.
She is about 7 years old now, but still loves to play just like a kitten. She is the most cuddley little cat you will ever meet. Cleo is a siamese/manx, so has a little corkscrew like tail and big big blue eyes. Her favorite food is soy sauce and her favorite hobby is sleeping on my bed. She and the pollicle of the house, who you will soon meet, have their quarrels, but are friends. She has had two litters of kittens, but the first one didn't make it due to her young age. (I told you she was a glamour) But the second litter was adopted out to loving homes. Some of her kittens were named, buttons, wizard, zorro, tigger, cactus, kiki, and pudge, who we thought was a tom, until he had a litter of kittens himself.


Above: Cleo, lounging about while she gains energy for the jellicle ball.
Below: "HIIIIIII!!!!"



Next up, my lovely little pollicle pooch! Casper is his name and living life to the fullest is his game. He is now 3 years old, 21 in dog years. And has never had a bad day in his life. I got him in the pound at 5 months old and him and I have the same birthday. I see that as a sign. He is a German Shepard/Queensland Healer. HIs favorite food is napkins and his favorite color is forest green. He loves to wear bandana's but hates having things on his head. His favorite toy is a bouy from california.


Above: Casper is enjoying the snow, doesnt he look majestic?
Below: A little rough housing does the heart good.





Above: This is my old cat oscar, he may look like a gargoyle, but he really is a sweet cat. We found him on our doorstep and realized he had no claws on either his front or back claws so took him in. He eventually passed away and I will always remember him.
Below: My first cat named Lucky. By the picture you can see just how large lucky was. I was too little to remember much about lucky except that he was a little grouchy but full of lovable personality.


If you want me to show case your bundle of joy, send pictures and a description of your pets and I'll surely put them up.