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This year I went to my first Cats preformance!!! ^___^ With Chimalmaht and Karlitio.
Chimalmaht will tell you about it, And I am refered to as Fantasm or Fan in this.
Before the Show:
Okay, so Fantasm and I woke up and the first thing we started to do was make our hair somewhat resemble "ears." Then...we got dressed in our closest things to costumes we had. And then did makeup! Yay! There will be pictures later....

When we arrived:
People looked at us and liked our makeup. We took some pictures around the theatre and...things. Then we sat down, then we got back and went to look at the stage (which was really sweet...and I think they'll be pics of that too...shh, they're not illegal), then sat back down and looked through our programs and decided which guys were cute.

Music started playing. Lights appeared on the wall/sheet things. It was pretty special.

Jellicle Songs for Jellicle Cats:
So, obviously, Jellicles started appearing on stage. It was pretty cool though, because I looked up, and Alonzo was climbing down bars right over our heads! Oh, the joys of having an aisle seat! There wasn't too much gong on. The lines were arranged differently though, and it was interesting.

Naming of Cats:
The most cooliest!!! So, they start out in pyramid formation like in the video, but then all start sliding off the stage and crawling into the audience. They were crawling all over chairs and everything. Alonzo crawled over people in the aisle in front of us, perched on a chair in front of Fan and started reciting the lines, staring at her, and she was making 'Alonzo' faces at him. Then he left and I got distracted by Skimbleshanks, who I began to grin at, and then he nuzzled me with his head! And he smelled good. Then he left and Alonzo was once again there, but in the aisle behind us, and he was looking at Kar before he reached out and touched Kar's face/hair. Then I started grinning at him and he looked at me and did some sort of batting thing at my head with his paws. Then it was over and they all sort of drifted back onstage.

The Gumbie Cat:
She's pink! And she came out of a chair! It was cool. There were only 4 beetles tattoo members and it was really cool, because it was like she was actually teaching them how to tap dance.

The Rum Tum Tugger:
He looks like Fanta's uncle! Hehe! He came down a ladder and howled and some other random things. He had no mane, but he had a leather vest thing and leather like pants. Alonzo was the one that called him a terrible bore...which I liked better. When he was doing his about thingers, Jemima wiped his forehead off with her tail and the queens all started squealing even more. And when Cassandra touched him, she had a spaz attack. It was funny.

She had cool leggy things on. And was played by a lady that is the choreographer at a local-ish theatre. happy.gif They all hissed funny at her. And swiped at her a lot.

Bustopher Jones:
He was sparkly!! And had on some coolie thick glasses. It was funny. When he sat down on the hat, he kept trying to cross his legs, but when ever he tried to put one on his other knee, it would thud back down to the floor. It was grand. And he was played by the same guy who played Skimble. Yay!

Mungojerrie and Rumpelteazer:
They popped out of garbage cans and it was really cute! And they did the verses that were cut out of the video, which was entertaining. When they mentioned Woolworth Pearls, Teazer drew attention to the fact that they were around her neck with a cute noise and finger movements. And they did the cool cartwheel thing at the end, although it seemed a bit difficult for them. Maybe because Mungo's understudy was on.

Old Deuteronomy:
He looked like a seastar with a beard. It made me laugh. Nothing was really special about this song....

The Jellicle Ball:
It was sad that they had no Pekes and Pollicles, since it was in the program, but oh well! They did a really good job with all the dancing and the way it was arranged and all. Especially since the stage seemed so small. For the mating dance, there was odd couples. Munkustrap had Jenny and Jemima, and at the end ran his hand down Cassandra's body. Alonzo was also with Cassandra. Misto and Victoria were together. Demeter and made me squeak a bad squeak. Although it was probably because she was like, the only one shorter than him. And then some others we didn't see because we got distracted by Munku's many queens.

Grizabella came back and they all started doing their funny hisses and scratching at her before they all ran away. Old D layed on top of the dumpster watching her. Then intermission came around and they both ran away.
Here is us, I'm the one dressed like Admetus, then Karlitio, dressed as Tumblebrutus. And of course Chi as Demeter.