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Phelinix's Jellicle abode

About the Cat behind the Abode
The Real Jellicles
Alonzo's Advice collumn!
CATS info
My Cats Experience
Quizzes and such
Which Jellicle is which Jones?
Fan Art!
My awards!
Dolls and Adoptables
Cat quotes
Some Swank Sites
What's coming

I've added a page to honor man's best friends and I've updated the fanfic section, as well as my cats experience page, which was long over due, sorry. And also, I fixed up Alonzo's Advice collum a little bit to make it look more neat and I have a picture of me in 'the jellicle behind the abode.' Also, just a new song in the 'quizzes and such' that I wrote bout Macavity. Enjoy!  I got a new layout and all the pictures used are from And I thank that site so much for the amazing pictures. Again, keep sending in things to add to motivate me to update! I can't do it alone! =^.2.^=



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