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Phelinix's Jellicle abode

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Which Jellicle is which Jones?
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Admetus- Admetus is Sugar free Cream Soda, he is safe and innocent, but a favorite. He's classic and loved by everyone, he makes you appreciate the simple things in life.


Alonzo is Sugar free black Cherry, he is smooth and indulgent and makes you want more. But for some reason, the sugar filled cherry gets more attention.  Why? No one knows, but loyal fangirls stay true to the more lean sugar-free sugar daddy.


Bombalurina- This sexy, sultry, seducer is smooth and doesn't she know it. She is a favorite to everyone, and though her flavore is lemon drop, she likes to warm things up instead of cool things down on hot days.  She is tart and sassy and can make any man pucker his lips.


Cassandra- Blueberry, she is different and appealing. Her unique appearance draws the eye and tickles the senses. Liquid like movement and and exotic flavor are her key components.


Coricopat- Crushed melonJust like his partner, Tantomile, he is another slightly exotic flavor. There is a unique and alluring appeal to these two but you just can't put your finger on it.


Demeter-Vanilla cola; sweet smooth and a feel good character. She is safe and one of the main flavors of the yard. No one can really hate her and being with Demeter just makes you feel all warm and fuzzy, a true jellice classic.


Electra- This darling kitten is Blue Bubblegum. She is bright, happy and a true fun loving kitten. Being with Electra just brings you back to the good ol' days as a kit yourself.


Etcetera- Once you hear the name Fufu Berry, how can you not picture this adorable little kitten? She is bright, bouncey, hyper and a bundle of goodtimes. Every moment spent with Etcetera, is a moment where you cannot frown.


Exotica- A word to describe her is in her name; Exotic. Pink Grapefruit is indeed an exotic, enticing flavor. It may take a little courage to try it, but it's worth it. It is not the most popular flavor, but if given the chance, Exotica's unique soda could make it big!


Grizabella- Strawberrylime, a sweet yet tart flavor. A mixture of a popular flavor, like the young glamour was, and a new and less known one. She is appealing, but not always accepted and adored. Except by true fans, and the kittens of course!


Growltiger- What is Growltiger but Gus in a role? What is Blueberry Lemonade then a blueberry trying to be a lemon? I believe that is enough said.


Jemima- Grape, deep and indulgent, just like looking into the young kitten's soulful eyes. She is sweet and likable.


Jennyanydots- A somewhat sour but loveable queen. What a fitting flavor that she would be Tangerine, a slightly sour but loveable flavor. She is strict but can be a smooth queen, I mean...she did have 5 toms throughout the movie.


Macavity- Twisted Lime for a twisted tom. Macavity is sour and seemingly sore about his past. He isn't a favorite but we just can't get rid of this studly villan.


Mistofollees- Mistofollees is Peachy Keen. He is a bright and happy young tom, and he has reason to be. How he attracts his fans with his sunny flavor, it's almost like magic.


Mungojerrie- Orange and cream, like his sister or mate, Rumpelteazer, he is innocent and pure but has that spit of citrus like fire that makes him all the more fun to be with.


Munkustrap- The king of the junkyard, and the king of sodas, Root Beer. The almight classic that is safe but tastebud tantalizing.


Rumpelteazer- Strawberry and Cream. Along with her partner Mungojerrie this kitten fool of tomfoolery is seemingly sweet and sugary until she snatches your pearls. She's sassy yet femanine.


The  Rum Tum Tugger- The master of all the queens, the indulgent, sultry flavor of Black  Cherry. A favorite of all his fangirls, who would love to have a little black cherry on top of their Ice Cream.


Skimbleshanks- An oldschool flavor who thinks he's still the king. Cream Soda. He is sweet but has that classic diciplined feel to him.


Tantomile-Watermelon, a sweet but meek flavor. Tantomile is closely related to her brother Coricopat and the two are never seen apart. Soda is thicker than water.


Victoria- Victoria is Ginger ale. She is innocent and pure but when you least expect it, you see a little bit of spice from this young kit. Who knew?