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Phelinix's Jellicle abode

About the Cat behind the Abode

About the Cat behind the Abode
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I will give you some of my basic info about myself... learn.

My name: Phelinix of course.
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Favorite movies: Cats,  Kill bill and a bunch of others.
Favorite jellicle: A tie between Admetus, Alonzo, Munkustrap, and Tugger
Favorite song from cats: Macavity
Favorite mistake in Cats: In Bombalurina's dance at the jellicle ball, etcetera does a high kick and kicks herself in the head
The most times I have watched cats in a night: 3 ( it was my first time watching it, well, the first one was.)
Hobbies: Drawing, writing, singing, dancing ,and annoying people
The one thing that ticks me off the most: When people say that cats are not good pets.
Pets: A cat named cleo, a dog named casper,  a rabbit named dusty,  a fish named, Carlos man of blending into things.
wierd fact: Me and Chi have a pet skittle named after our friend, Sid.
 I hope you have enjoyed tunneling the depths of my soul, well it was more like the outer shell...

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