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I will show you some info about the character, like personality traits.

Admetus is a cat we don't know alot about, he is not a main character. He ususally can be found sitting by Old duetoronomy. Like every young tom he wants to be just like The Rum Tum Tugger. Also, In some Productions, Admetus is seen as a queen instead of a tom.
Alonzo is a stray cat on the account he does not have a collar. He is a smooth cat, and is seen dancing with Cassandra in the movie. He is easy to pick out with his easily noticable makeup.
Bombalurina is a sudactive cat. She is hot, and doesn't she know it.  She, like most of the queens, has a big thing for tugger. And I mean a big thing for him. She is demeters best friend, and seems to be working her way into the position of the new glamour cat.                                                                     
Bustopher Jones
Bustopher is the high class cat. He is definently not skin and bones. In his song he describes how he is always eating. But insicurities don't get this cat down.
Cassandra is another cat who always seems to look at life in a suductive manner. She is a sleek bodied cat who known for her "moonlit eyes." She is seen dancing with alonzo, and is Misto's assistant when he brings back Old Duetoronomy.
Coricopat is the twin brother of tantomile. The two are never seen apart.  He is not a main character, but is seen singing some solo parts. Such as "are you tense when you sense there's a storm in the air.
Demeter is one of the main cats. She is munkustraps mate, and unlike most of the queens wants nothing to do with Tugger. She has had bad experiences with macavity, and the fact that he keeps showing up, isn't probably helping the healing process. Demeter is Bombalurina's best friend, and though they have different insites on settling down with one tom, they always seem to be together.
Etcetera is a Bubbly, lively cat. She is upbeat and is always dancing like there is no tomorrow. She is best known for her crush on The Rum Tum Tugger, and is always at his side.
Exotica is another cat we don't know alot about. She is another sleek and smooth cat. She is usually in the backround. But also sings some lines.
Grizzabella is a cat who left the tribe out of her cockiness. she thought she was to good to be part of it. She was the former glamour cat, and in her downfall she comes back to the trip, hoping to be accepted back in. Lets just say, grizz wasn't having much luck.
Gus, the theater cat
Gus is a former actor. He loves to tell stories from his younger days. He is now an elderly cat who has pulsy. He and Jellylorum have a bond and she cares for him alot. Gus like most elders think that the kittens are not being challenged.
Jemima is the wide eyed kitty who sings a touching part of "Memory." She is another kitten who can be seen at the side of tugger purring along. And he does not  fail to come back to jemima after each verse of his song to give her a scratch under her chin.
Jennyanydots is the gumbie cat. She keeps every one acting with taste and manners. She is a very opinionated cat. Though she works hard to keep everyone polite and well behaved during the night. At daytime she just sits and sits and sits and sits, and that's what makes a gumbie cat.
Jellylorum is the cat who is usually by gus's side. She is sort of a grandma figure to the kittens,  and is one of the cats that does not approve of Rum Tum Tugger's behavoir.
Macavity is a bad kitty. He's the one that has made Demeter so skittish. He kidnaps old duetoronomy, although this action does give Misto his minute in the spotlight. ( if i need to point out to you where he is, you need to get your eyes checked. It's kinda easy to pick out a red cackling cat.)
Mistofelees is a magical kitty, the original conjuring cat. He seems to have a fued with Tugger until his song. He is the hero for rescuing the leader, Old Duetoronomy. He is in a relationship with Victoria, despite her cuddles with plato.
Mungo is one of the notorious catburglar cats. Along side his partner in crime Rumpleteazer, they are a couple to watch out for. There are rumors of them being siblings. But in the movie their actions spell out more along the lines of mates.
Munku is the guardian of the junkyard. He is demeter's mate and is usually seen sitting back watching over the tribe. His role also takes the part of "story teller." He fights with macavity, but sadly loses.
Old Duetoronomy
Old Duetoronomy is the leader of the tribe. He makes the jellicle chioce at the end of the jellicle ball. He is adored by the tribe, who are proud of him in his decline.
Plato is a cat who has a thing for Victoria, he is seen dancing with her. He is yet again another tom who wants to be just like Tugger. In older productions Admetus and Plato were the same character.
Pounce is a mischevious young tom. He seems to have a crush on bombalurina, and is eiter brothers or close friends with tumble-brutus. Like any other young tom. Tugger is his idol.
Quaxo is sometimes said to be the same cat as Mistoffelees, and then some people think he is different. For those who think they are two seperate characters, Quaxo is rumored to have more of a playful or mischevious personality. He has a little bit of magic, not as much as Mr. Misto, but parlor tricks.
Rumpelteazer is a calico queen, who is partners in crime with Mungojerrie. Some assume they are mates, and some assume they are siblings. I believe they are mates, but that's just me. She is an adorable, and seemingly innocent queen, until you catch her snatching your pearls.
Rumpus Cat
The Great Rumpus Cat, is the clumsy, but lovable super-hero to the tribe. In Munkustraps producting of The Pekes and The Pollicles, he is protrayed be Admetus. He is used to scare away Pollicles, as described in the song.
Rum Tum Tugger
What can we say about the Tugs? He is the ladies man of the tribe. He brings all the queens to their knees, and maybe some of the toms. All the kitten s want to be like him. His biggest fan is Etcetera, and his well...I guess mate, would be Bombalurina. Though in the mating dance he mates with Jennyanydots. Some people who seem to be less than fond of Tugger are, Alonzo, all the older cats, including Jennyanydots, how does that work out? Anywho, And sometimes Munkustrap isn't to partial of him.
Skimbleshanks is the railway cat. He seems to be also in a relationship with Jennyanydots. He is a hard working tom, who is stern, but has a soft spot for the kittens. He doesn't like Rum Tum Tugger, and is somehow linked back to Victoria, at least thats what I think.
Tantomile is Coricopat's twin. They are usually seen together and move exactly in sync. Tant is a Tugger fan, and finally persuades her brother to join the party. She is brown and white, splotched, and is very quiet. Both of these cats are rumored to be witches cats.
Tumble Brutus
Tumble Brutus is a casual cat, he has some lines, more than Admetus or Pouncival. He seems to have a brotherly relationship with Pouncival. He mates with Jemima, though is rarely seen with her, instead, he is seen holding hands with Jennyanydots.
The graceful cat. Victoria is a great dancer, though has no solo. She is mates with either Mistoffelees or Plato. Though can be seen running around with Alonzo. She is a pure white cat, and is very easy to spot. She might look innocent, but she has a few toms wrapped around her claws.